Horror Movie Review: Deep Red (Profondo Roso)

If you’re looking for a great way to kick off the Halloween season, check out Dario Argento’s cult classic Profondo Rosso (more popularly known as Deep Red). The supernatural murder mystery is filled with twists and turns, one of the best soundtracks available, and even a murderous puppet. When it comes to Profondo Rosso, it […]

Music You Should Know: Ghost Medicine’s “Desert Spring”

Local progressive rock outfit Ghost Medicine has released the first song from its debut album Discontinuance. Titled “Desert Spring,” the song covers a tremendous amount of ground in a short amount of time, hearkening back to the band’s numerous influences. Fans of Porcupine Tree will immediately notice a parallel. In fact, between the guitar tone […]

Lou Who?

Before I began researching Lou Reed for this article, my knowledge about the proclaimed “godfather of punk” was extremely minimal. I knew he was the key member of the Velvet Underground, that he had ups-and-downs with part-time pal David Bowie, and most recently, that he released the critically panned “Lulu,” a collaborative effort between Reed […]

It’s Happening Again! David Lynch Announces Twin Peaks Revival

Nightmare-inducing filmmaker and part-time musician David Lynch announced today that the beloved cult television series Twin Peaks will return for a brief nine-episode run on Showtime in 2016. The revival will see a reunion of series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, with the duo co-penning each episode and Lynch directing. Though little is known […]

Hear the new Mastodon Track “High Road” Right Now!

Metal fans rejoice! Atlanta’s own Mastodon have returned with a brand new track, which can be streamed here. Titled “High Road”, the new song sounds like a natural progression from the band’s 2011 release, The Hunter, which saw Mastodon abandon its progressive metal roots in favor of a more rock-oriented approach. The track comes off […]

Review: King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe’s “Sing More Songs Together”

If the digital age of music has proven anything, it’s that tradition now thrives on opposition. For every genre and subgenre, there seem to be artists that aim to turn the well known on its head and create something entirely new and exciting. Anti-folk artists King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe are two such innovators, both […]