Here’s Why Ornette Coleman Mattered

First off, check this out: You probably saw some articles this weekend lamenting the loss of “Jazz Innovator” Ornette Coleman. If you would have clicked on one of them you’d read a polite article about the brilliant man who broke from the rhythmic and harmonic restrictions of the hard bop jazz that ruled in the […]

Interview: The New Clear Lawn Chairs

EDITORS NOTE: Shortly before we opened, Analog Revolution co-founder Ryan Stoyer interviewed the New Clear Lawn Chairs. We’re posting this interview now, because the Lawn Chairs don’t get enough love. Alright, what’s up, this is Ryan Stoyer with Analog Revolution. I’m here at Swayze’s with the New Clear Lawn Chairs because the old ones broke […]

Gathered//Slain by Japanese Meat Fetish

Ambient music isn’t something I think about often. The general stereotype being that it’s for art school types who go to museums in between cups of espresso and Sylvia Plath novels. Then I realized, shit, I would do that every day if I could. But I can’t. Anyway, listen to Gathered//Slain, the second ep released in […]

Vonnegut Busy – new Sage Francis with LYRICS

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m psyched about this release. While 2013’s SICK TO D(EAT)H mix tape was an insane retrospection at Sage’s twenty-year career, this is the release thousands upon thousands of Strange Famous fans have been anticipating for the last four years. So here it is. Vonnegut Busy. “Of all […]

Jesca Hoop: Five Songs Live EP Review

With the recent release of Undress, Jesca Hoop fans have been rewarded with more frequent releases than ever. It was her third release in eighteen months; she’s been treating her listeners well. Five Songs Live was recorded on October 17, 2013, and it gives a glimpse of the outstanding performances she has been giving of […]