The FCC, The President, and Net Neutrality

After widespread protests and nearly 4 million comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s website, President Obama has finally made a statement in favor of reclassifying internet service under Title II to protect net neutrality. So that’s it. We have the “big guns” now and that’s all we’ll need to win the battle for the net right? […]

Dot 22 – Bottle Rocket Romance

To many in the Marietta/Alpharetta/Cumming music scene, Dot 22 has been a familiar name for the last three years. Even well before their release of “Bottle Rocket Romance” in February, the band’s name has was associated with clean, fun sets put on by three enthusiastic young musicians. This seven-song record packs a wallop, and sure […]

3001 – The final Odyssey comes to Syfy

Arthur C. Clarke’s final novel in the Space Odyssey saga is being adapted in to a mini-series by Ridley Scott for Syfy. Lots of words in that last sentence leave me a little uneasy. (mini-series, final novel, Syfy.) But this has potential. 3001 was a late novel from Clarke, published about 10 years before his […]

Gathered//Slain by Japanese Meat Fetish

Ambient music isn’t something I think about often. The general stereotype being that it’s for art school types who go to museums in between cups of espresso and Sylvia Plath novels. Then I realized, shit, I would do that every day if I could. But I can’t. Anyway, listen to Gathered//Slain, the second ep released in […]

It’s Happening Again! David Lynch Announces Twin Peaks Revival

Nightmare-inducing filmmaker and part-time musician David Lynch announced today that the beloved cult television series Twin Peaks will return for a brief nine-episode run on Showtime in 2016. The revival will see a reunion of series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, with the duo co-penning each episode and Lynch directing. Though little is known […]