Space Age Radio – Buck Rogers – 1939-04-05

Space Age Radio
Space Age Radio
Space Age Radio - Buck Rogers - 1939-04-05

Space Age Radio Presents Buck Rogers!


This episode, originally released in April 1939, details the Origin Story of Buck Rogers, an earth man of the 20th century who finds himself stranded in the 25th century, by way of an interrogation between some scientists, and the subconscious mind of Buck Rogers.


Be warned that, due to it’s age, this series is only available in relatively poor quality, that’s not to say that it’s un-enjoyable, but it’s rougher than I would prefer. This episode is presented in the highest quality available, and for the 30s, it sounds pretty darn good.

This episode, like many episodes in this series, ends in a cliffhanger, but it’s a pretty minor one. You’ll have to wait a full month before the next episode!

(Oh, and be sure to eat your Popsicle, they’re nutritious apparently.)


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