Lou Reed is Dead and I am Sad About It

What could I say about Lou Reed that someone else hasn’t already? It would be disingenuous (and even disrespectful) to try. I grew up listening to him, in various incarnations, without ever knowing it was him. My parents are classic rock junkies, or they were when I was little, and those radio stations had their […]

Review of the Mountain Goats’ “Transcendental Youth” (2012)

  Track 01: Amy AKA Spent Gladiator This is a contained and mellow track with inspiring, poetic lyrics. It’s only 2.5 minutes long, so there isn’t a whole lot to discuss. The refrain (“Stay alive, / Just stay alive”) is somewhat comforting and provides a counterpoint for the seeming recklessness promoted in the rest of […]

Beetween The Grooves: “Get Behind Me Satan” by the White Stripes

The Nostalgia Get Behind Me Satan came out in 2005. My parents had been divorced for about a year and I was shortly to enter my sophomore year of high school. At that time, there was this great channel on tv called the International Music Feed. IMF grabbed videos from all over the world to showcase all […]