Space Age Radio/Analog Revolution Literature: Rip Foster Rides the Grey Planet

Analog Revolution
Analog Revolution
Space Age Radio/Analog Revolution Literature: Rip Foster Rides the Grey Planet

Surprise Episode!

Chapter one of Rip Foster Rides the Grey Planet by Harold Godwin!

This is a fun Space Adventure in the style of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet or Space Patrol. The principal difference here s that Rip Foster isn’t a cadet, he has just graduated from the space academy. He’s a newly commissioned lieutenant, charged with a team of 9 men, and a vital mission. As a result, the danger is more real, and the stakes are higher.

Originally published in 1952, story carries with it a hint of Red Scare era rah-rah, and a thinly veiled cold war analog. In spite of that, it manages to be enjoyable, and entertaining. The story also manages to get both the science of space travel and the mechanics and politics of a large military organization more correct than most of the TV and Radio programs of the day.

There are twenty chapters total. We’ll release a chapter at irregular intervals every few days for the next 3 months. If you can’t wait, a version of the whole novel is available from Librivox, and a print edition is available from Space Age Ideas.


Read by Mark Nelson, via Librivox

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