Space Age TV: A Trip to the Moon (Movie Night)

Surprise! It’s a special weekend edition of Space Age TV! I will do these special weekend editions occasionally, and usually release movies. Who doesn’t love a good film on a saturday night? Today, it’s A Trip to the Moon. Originally released in 1902, A Trip to the Moon is a pioneering science fiction film, with some of the most cutting edge special effects of its era.

This print is taken from the recently rediscovered and restored hand colored edition. It’s beautiful and dreamlike.

The whole movie is only about 10 minutes long, and it is, honestly, one of my favorite pieces of film. It is whimsical, it is fun, and it leaves me with so many questions. (Was the moon alive? Did we murder it? Were these men wizards? Why did the moon-men vanish in puffs of smoke? Are we at war with the moon men?)

This is probably the first actual example of science fiction in film, and certainly the earliest film I’m aware of to feature spaceflight. I can’t think of a better entry in to our space-age canon, than the original entry, complete with a space cannon!


Music by Dee-Yan Key – CC-BY-SA-NC

Film by Georges Melies – Public Domain

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