The Little Shop of Horrors - Archived

In 1960 Roger Corman released his Little Shop of Horrors. It was a (fairly spoopy) horror comedy, filmed on a recycled set, in 3 days, for less than $50,000.

The original was filmed in black and white, on cheap cameras. It features about 2.5 minutes of footage with Jack Nicholson (which is enough to get him featured on the poster for just about every DVD release.)

Our version features a restoration of the wide-screen aspect ratio on a newly colorized print. It’s The Little Shop of Horrors unlike you’ve ever seen it before.

You can watch the first fifteen minutes of it here:

and purchase the complete film on DVD or digital download from our store.


The movie is a hoot and a half, the acting is all pretty good. The colors are ugly and washed out, and the story is as ridiculous as is possible. It’s about as spoopy as a movie can be.


Do yourself a favor and give it a shot. You’ll be disappointed in all the best ways.

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