3001 – The final Odyssey comes to Syfy

Arthur C. Clarke’s final novel in the Space Odyssey saga is being adapted in to a mini-series by Ridley Scott for Syfy.

Lots of words in that last sentence leave me a little uneasy. (mini-series, final novel, Syfy.) But this has potential. 3001 was a late novel from Clarke, published about 10 years before his death, and about 30 years after 2001.

It tells a very different story. One that is, in turns, more believable and less fun than it’s predecessor. 3001 removes a lot of the magic of 2001, and invalidates portions of 2001, 2010, and 2061. (The author, to his credit, has stated that each of the novels takes place in it’s own parallel universe. This effectively eliminates the continuity errors, but doesn’t make the novel any more fun.)

Still Ridley Scott at the helm of an epic space saga, set in a world parallel to the one originally brought to the screen by Stanley Kubrick? Yeah, it’s probably going to be worth watching at least once.

So color me tentatively excited, and you can be sure I’ll watch this unfold.

Author: Andrew

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