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Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, and Serengeti all released an album today.  That news is only made more incredible by the fact that each of them released the same album.  The self-titled Sisyphus is a collaboration between three artists.

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Sufjan Stevens is a veritable genius and has proved himself capable of producing incredibly engaging compositions time and again.  Son Lux is a master of the mixer and has been laying down incredibly well produced electronic rhythms and melodies since 2008 and has been busy.  Son Lux just released Lanterns last fall, now Sisyphus, and he has another album titled Alternate Worlds slated for release this May.  I am not familiar with the work of Serengeti but I can certainly use my powers of deduction and my internet connection to determine that he is a rap artist.

This album is actually the second released by the trio, the first was under the name s/s/s and dates back to distant 2012.  It was an eighteen minute, four track EP titled Beak & Claw and released with the Anticon record label.  Sisyphus provides a far lengthier listening experience at 51 minutes and is released in partnership between Sufjan Stevens’ self-founded Asthmatic Kitty and Sun Lux’s current label Joyful Noise.

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