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We are publishing a magazine. We write it, print it, and bind it in the second most cost-effective way we can think of. As usual, the most cost-effective way involves some archaic piece of machinery that we can’t afford yet, not to mention locate. Lucky for everyone, both of these problems are temporary.

We can do much more than just one magazine, though. We can produce everything from hardback and paperback books, to notebooks, pamphlets, and flyers- even vegan cookbooks, if that’s your thing. We print, stitch, glue, staple, and bind each issue of everything in small batches, made to order. We’re the Zaxby’s of independent print. We’re Printependent.

That means we can also do small-run (or not-so-small-run) publications for local authors, poets, and ascii artists. Whatever you do with words, we can get it down on paper. Everything you can think of is true. We want to help you make your Wildest dreams come happen (even if those dreams include Oscar Wilde fanfiction). If any of this piques your interest, contact us for a quote.

Conversely, if you’re more of a literary consumer than prolific-wordsmith, have no fear. The consequence of all of this means that we have a guaranteed unique assortment of written riches, including some really neat editions of works in the Public Domain.

Author: Andrew

The "brains" behind the operation. An absent minded, energetic, and often times overwhelming individual. He is in his early 20s. He discovered how amazing music could be in highschool, and has spent the last several years trying to absorb all of it. When he isn't writing about music, he is slinging code or playing vintage arcade games. Please don't ask him to dance. He doesn't like that.

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