3001 – The final Odyssey comes to Syfy

Arthur C. Clarke’s final novel in the Space Odyssey saga is being adapted in to a mini-series by Ridley Scott for Syfy. Lots of words in that last sentence leave me a little uneasy. (mini-series, final novel, Syfy.) But this has potential. 3001 was a late novel from Clarke, published about 10 years before his […]

Branford Marsalis: The Problem with Jazz

“If the value of the song is based on intense analysis of music, you’re doomed. Because people that buy records don’t know shit about music. When they put on Kind of Blue and say they like it, I always ask people: What did you like about it? They describe it in physical terms, in visceral […]

What I listened to

When I’m not complaining about Michael Bay and TMNT, playing ancient computer games, building speakers, running a record store, interviewing musicians, or taking concert photos, I work for a small web design firm. During the day, I have extended periods of silence (well, really, the sound of clicking keys and mouse buttons, squeaky chairs, and […]