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We’re opening a record store!


Analog Revolution Records

2543 Bells Ferry Rd. Suite 650

Marietta, GA 30066

Analog Revolution Records and Swazey’s venue share a front door. 

The store officially opens at 3:00pm on Friday, May 2nd. 

In addition to a huge selection of new and vintage vinyl records, this will be your first chance to demo our Vanguard and Rebel speakers, and will also mark the official debut of our Sinatra line of amplifiers, built by the revolution for the revolution.

We’re kicking things off with a concert starting at 6:00pm. Tickets are $10.


Dawn Is Broken

The Ripknockers (Ex. She Came From Above)


Little League

Noble Thieves

Ito Clash

Justin Smith (Ex. Decorus)

We do share our front door with the venue, so if you want to check out the shop but don’t want to stay around for the show, just let them know at the door!  


Photograph Adonde van? by Wyatt Kane on 500px

Adonde van? by Wyatt Kane on 500px

This picture was captured at night using a high sensitivity setting. As I strolled back from an Analog Revolution meeting I stopped briefly, (manually) focused my lens and snapped the picture.


Photograph North Parking Deck by Wyatt Kane on 500px

North Parking Deck by Wyatt Kane on 500px

This photo was taken in the daytime. I cross through this portal almost every day and each time I did I couldn’t help but ruminate on the composition. By the time I passed through here with my camera, I was ready to get the shot I wanted.


Photograph Ehson by Wyatt Kane on 500pxEhson by Wyatt Kane on 500px

This picture was taken rather quickly at the end of an excursion to Roswell Mill. The white text on Ehson’s black shirt offered up a contrast too interesting to pass up.


Photograph Night Petals by Wyatt Kane on 500pxNight Petals by Wyatt Kane on 500px

This photo is the result of another of my nighttime jaunts. This time I was accompanied by my friend David. The copious streetlamps on campus are a bother when it comes to stargazing but they do provide intriguing lighting at night, as evidenced by these flower petals.

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