First Listens - Archived

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No one, no matter their musical tastes or knowledge, can have possibly listened to every good, important, or influential piece of music. There is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed that you’ve never listened to Neutral Milk Hotel, or Elvis Costello, or The Smiths, or any other musician. There are thousands of great albums that we’ve never listened to (and we’re excited by that fact! All this new music waiting to be discovered!)

With this in mind, we hope to bring to the table a new style of music review. Our team of reviewers  (spanning four generations and several countries) plan to review “classic” and “iconic” albums that they’ve never heard, or never listened to critically. In doing so, we hope to introduce each other and the rest of the world to some of the greatest albums ever recorded.

We will write about the music first and foremost, considering the cultural significance and impact of the tracks as secondary elements. (The climate in which a song was written is important, but it is less important than the quality of the song on its own merit.) We will devote equal time to best-sellers and hidden gems, and shine our spotlight on as many bands and genres as possible, often from multiple viewpoints.

So pull up a chair, put on some headphones, and let’s dive in.