It’s Happening Again! David Lynch Announces Twin Peaks Revival


Nightmare-inducing filmmaker and part-time musician David Lynch announced today that the beloved cult television series Twin Peaks will return for a brief nine-episode run on Showtime in 2016.

The revival will see a reunion of series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, with the duo co-penning each episode and Lynch directing. Though little is known about the project at this time, the updated Twin Peaks will reportedly take place in a modern day version of the town and will reference the escapades of Special Agent Dale Cooper and the town’s peculiar inhabitants.

Furthermore, as a brilliant nod to the bizarre show, the series is set to return on June 10, 2016 —  precisely 25-years to the day season two of Twin Peaks ended. Hardcore fans may recall a line from Laura Palmer in the series finale suggesting a cyclical nature to the series’ mysterious events.

Remembered as one of the strangest murder mysteries to hit the small screen, Twin Peaks was noted for exquisitely towing the line between vividly campy and horrifically disturbing, as well as its beautiful (though intentionally mismatched) score. It pushed the boundaries of what serialized television could offer, and kept fans guessing until the very end — only to offer little in terms of answers.

If you’ve yet to experience the gloriously outlandish and strange world of Twin Peaks, now is the perfect time to immerse yourself. Grab yourself a damn fine cup of coffee and pick up the nearly perfect Blu-Ray collection, or catch the original series on Netflix. Just remember, the owls are not what they seem.

Author: Alex Moore

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