New Release from Doctor Deathray

It’s four tracks recorded in two takes on the old acoustic I used to take to school every day. The songs range from brand new to songs I haven’t played in ten years. These are not happy songs; I’m not happy right now. But they’re very cathartic to play.

Nothing Good is the newest track and fits in the Deathrayverse concept as it’s about the Bobo (a cryptid I made up for this fictional universe). The Bobo is in the Deathray zine, and it’s a song about slowly losing your mind. Honestly, something I completely fear, as Alzheimer’s runs rampant in my family. 

Ain’t Got Heaven feels like a signature song to me. I’ve played it with bands for years and years, where Willie is also an old song, but I stopped playing it. It’s about a dog we found in Mississippi who lived with us for a while until he died too soon. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him. We think he was abused before he found us.

Then, Georgia is about my family losing our home in 2012. I was at college at this point, and I didn’t even have a bedroom at the house my parents moved into (my grandmother’s old home), so I really felt like I didn’t have a place to stay or call home.

These songs have a lot of emotion behind them, and I hope people enjoy them, even in their stripped-down form. Because I literally wrote it when I had $2.15 in the bank, and it helped me raise a lot real fast.

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