Analog Revolution Zine – Vol 3, Issue 3



The Winter 2023 issue of Analog Revolution Magazine is 40 pages long, black and white, and laser printed on plain paper. It includes contributions by Ryan Stoyer, Mckenna Fendley, Violet Hunter, and Andrew Roach. There are articles about local music, new and old, a recap of the last Community Day at the Ellijay Makerspace, a history and prophecy of Social Medias, and an update on the anti-democratic efforts by Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens to push Cop City.

Available in store at The Ellijay Coffee House, Mountain Town Antiques, and The Ellijay Makerspace.

Author: Ryan

A piece of the "brute force" behind the operation. A hack-of-all-trades, Ryan is also a long-distrance backpacker and dedicated jazz snob with a passion for karaoke.

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