Put on a Show – S01E02

Analog Revolution put on a show at the Gilmer Arts play house on April 23rd. It’s the second episode of our new web TV series. Three bands, a physical challenge, more wacky antics than you have time for.

Red Hot Empty
Lil’ Heart Eyes

Notes :
This one is also rough around the edges. They probably always will be. That’s fine, it’s DIY Media and that’s what it’s all about.

We lost the audio from the first part of the Hassleinone interview, and our backup source was too lo-fi to be usable, so we had to cut it. There are also a few shots that are real weird or bad due to some technical problems. It’s fine, the concert audio sounds Wonderful, and we had a great time.

Episode 3 should be up any day now, and episode four shoots on Friday June 24th. We’ll see you then.

Author: Andrew

The "brains" behind the operation. An absent minded, energetic, and often times overwhelming individual. He is in his early 20s. He discovered how amazing music could be in highschool, and has spent the last several years trying to absorb all of it. When he isn't writing about music, he is slinging code or playing vintage arcade games. Please don't ask him to dance. He doesn't like that.

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