Songs of the Workers (To Fan The Flames Of Discontent)

Revolutionaries! We are back! Or at least on the return. We have more resources, more capabilities, better facilities to achieve our goals and that goal is to not just do it yourself, but to Get It Done Together!

With that in mind, we are prepping for our first release on the revitalized Analog Revolution Records, Songs of the Workers (to Fan the Flames of Discontent).

Let’s face it, revolutionaries, there is a lot to be discontented over with the wealth inequality increasing, housing costs climbing, surveillance state technology becoming ubiquitous, and, of course, the continued oppression by the few of the many.

We have the numbers.

We have the strength.

We have the power.

Our Retirement Plan is Revolution by Connor Dylan – Coming this fall from Analog Revolution Records

And that is exactly what this compilation album is and will be. We are collecting powerful songs, protest songs, songs of the angry, songs of the tired, songs of the tired, angry, and fed up with the current political and socio-economic system. Songs of the Workers (to Fan the Flames of Discontent) takes its name for the IWW (International Workers of the World) Little Red Songbook. It’s a songbook started in 1909 to support the working people, the many. In it, you’ll find songs of protest, songs of unionizing, songs of fighting for our rights not just in this country, but across the world.

We are looking for the most fervent, blatant anti-capitalist local music we can get our hands on.

We encourage you to submit your songs whether they be covers of public domain protest songs, original songs of discontent, or something in between.

If you’re local enough to Ellijay, Georgia, we’ll even help you record it in our studio.

We have some material already, and are eager for more. We’re talking to artists near and far and would love to hear from you if have an idea to share.

Take a listen. Read that again. Take a listen. Let these songs ignite your own creative fire of the anti-capitalist, pro-worker movement.

Fight Like Hell (for the living) by Doctor Deathray – Coming this fall from Analog Revolution Records