What I listened to

When I’m not complaining about Michael Bay and TMNT, playing ancient computer games, building speakers, running a record store, interviewing musicians, or taking concert photos, I work for a small web design firm. During the day, I have extended periods of silence (well, really, the sound of clicking keys and mouse buttons, squeaky chairs, and […]

Jesca Hoop: Five Songs Live EP Review

With the recent release of Undress, Jesca Hoop fans have been rewarded with more frequent releases than ever. It was her third release in eighteen months; she’s been treating her listeners well. Five Songs Live was recorded on October 17, 2013, and it gives a glimpse of the outstanding performances she has been giving of […]

Ceramic Dog – Your Turn

This article is about Ceramic Dog’s second album, Your Turn. Ceramic Dog is the densest trio I’ve ever come across. Their polystylism covers more genres in one album than do most musicians in a lifetime. Their 2013 album, Your Turn, was released to great praise from critics, but seems to have escaped notoriety. This is somewhat of a trend for group leader, Marc Ribot (pronounced ree-bo). READ MORE NOW!