Tax Dan’s Top Five Local Albums of 2014

My name is Dan A.K.A. Tax Dan. I’m in a pop-punk band called Like Mike, I play solo under the moniker Honesty Again, I do tax stuff for a living, and I write (mostly about local bands) for Analog Revolution.  2014 has been a GREAT year for local music. Here’s the local albums that made my top five:

5. “We Thought We Were So Cool” by Dog Years


This EP packs a full-length’s worth of passion and great song writing into just 3 songs. I wrote more about it here.

4. “Born To Be Mild” by The Shepherde’s

Born to Be Mild

Cameron Austin is The Shepherde’s and he’s one of the best solo acts I’ve ever seen, local or otherwise. Go ahead, buy a physical copy of his album from Analog Revolution as proof.

3. “Thelema” by I’ll Be An Empire


Metal not being my usual cup of tea, this is kind of a wild card pick for me. However, this album is an awesome listen. I wrote about this one too

2. Sea Ghost


Okay okay, they haven’t actually put out an album yet but Sea Ghost has released a few songs this year and I’m  just very excited about this band. Just check out their bandcamp page (linked above) and you’ll see what I mean.

1. “Stovall” by Microwave


If you aren’t in love with this album after listening to it, you have no soul. Okay maybe that’s not entirely true but you should give it a listen.

It’s been a very exciting year for local music, as so much of it has been brewing. Let’s hope 2015 continues that momentum.

Happy Holidays,
Tax Dan

Author: Dan Wilson

Dan is a local music connoisseur, drummer, and singer songwriter. He spends most of his free time playing in his band Like Mike, playing solo as Honesty Again, frequenting shows at Swayze's Venue, and obsessing over any number of sci-fi movies, TV series, and games. He IS the crazy cat man. He works a day job as a bookkeeper at a local accounting firm which specializes in small business. He has a passion, not only for local music, but local business and community.

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