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Raising Steam is out today! I’m so excited!

I probably won’t be able to make it to a bookstore tonight (who am I kidding, I’ll find a way.)

This is the 40th novel in the Discworld series.

It was written by Terry Pratchett, who has remained quite prolific in spite of his advancing Alzheimer’s disease.

I’ve seen several excellent reviews so far, and I’m happier than a parrot with a cracker.

Over on boinboing, Cory Doctorow said:

it’s a tremendous synthesis of everything that makes Pratchett one of the world’s most delightful writers. It’s a curious thing: a fantasy novel about modernity and reactionaries, a synthesis of technological optimism and a curious sort of romantic mysticism.

The book is set to follow the adventures of Moist Von Lipwig, and a new gentleman who is set to bring railroads to the disc.

Apparently some southern right wing conservatives reactionary underground dwarves don’t like that, and wacky escapades ensue.

Lipwig (of Making Money, and Going Postal) is one of my favorite all time characters. This is going to be good.

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