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Obligatory “wooo!  Record Store!”  Alright, one time more:  the store opens tomorrow (Friday May 2nd) at 3:00pm inside the Swayze’s venue.

The address is:

Analog Revolution Records

2543 Bells Ferry Rd. Suite 650

Marietta, GA 30066

So, photographs.  Today is Thursday and Thursday is, for many, a time for hashtag nostalgia.  I’ve taken this cultural standard and superimposed my own theme of transcendentalism.  With that said, all of these photographs were taken this January and February as I was just beginning photography.  Four months isn’t much of a throwback so it helps that when I started out I shot exclusively on film.  Using a Minolta X-370 given to my by my great-uncle, I entered the world of photography by way of FUJI X-TRA 400 film.  What seems incredible to me now is that I finished shooting all 8 of my film rolls without developing any of them.  I was shooting blind and I had no idea if what I was trying was working.

Taken just after one of the winter storms while on an outing with talented photographer Jackson Moody.  Check out his website for some absolutely great photographs.

Photograph Tiny Riverbeds by Wyatt Kane on 500pxTiny Riverbeds by Wyatt Kane on 500px

Macro shot of the lines left by tiny trickles of water.

Last shot on the last roll of film I shot.

Photograph Dichotomy by Wyatt Kane on 500pxDichotomy by Wyatt Kane on 500px

Trouble with one of my camera’s shutter ruined many a photograph…but not this one.

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