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So, Troll 2.  If you’ve already seen the film then this post is of no real relevance to you.  However, if you haven’t seen Troll 2 then my goal is to tease the film so that you’ll watch it.


Troll 2 is not a good movie, which is why it has gotten so popular.  It is…an experience; some call it the “Best Worst Movie.”  The thing is, a lot of the really really bad independent films that come out (I’m looking at you Birdemic) have no real budget and sometimes don’t have any professional talent working on them.  The really really good independent films that come out often have a lot of talent that makes up for their lack of budget.  On the other hand Troll 2 had a budget.  Troll 2 even had a professional crew working on it.  And despite that Troll 2 gets everything wrong in the right ways.

The actors in the film are a band of misfits:  first-time actors, only-time actors, professional small-time actors, and one glorious man who filmed all of his scenes while on day leave from a mental institution.

tumblr_n10topZxPe1qgx37po4_250 The dialogue is poorly written and while watching you can just feel the strain the actors underwent to interpret and present the lines.  (Fun Fact:  the script was written in english by the director’s wife. Neither she, nor the director spoke any language, other than italian, fluently. The actors, none of whom spoke Italian, were trying to translate and interpret on set.) tumblr_n10topZxPe1qgx37po8_250 The film provides something that really can’t be found anywhere else; The Room has some of the same groan inducing elements, but without the beautiful low budget horror.  Troll 2 is a film that no one has to see but that everyone really ought to go see.  So I’d like you to give a second look next time you couch with friends to watch a movie.  But seriously, watch with friends, don’t watch this movie alone; it’s just sad.

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