Analog Revolution is moving, growing, and changing.

We’ve been in our current location for nearly 2 years now, and we’ve seen a lot, learned a lot, and had a chance to get a taste for what works and what doesn’t in this industry.

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Analog Revolution is changing, but it isn’t going away.



We’re closing the existing location, building and launching a massive online store with 10x our existing inventory, launching a few new product lines, and opening back up in a larger, more well stocked physical store (with our own front door!)

We’ll be loading our existing inventory in to our online store over the next few weeks, and getting our new inventory loaded in shortly after that!

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We’re closing this location at the end of business on Saturday February 13th. The new online store will go live towards the beginning of March, with new products added on a daily basis from the time it launches until the new physical store opens. The new physical store will be opening in August.

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Lots of reasons! A few of the biggest:

  • One of Analog Revolution’s Co-Founders, Ryan Stoyer, is leaving to hike the Appalachian Trail. This will put him out of our reach for 3-5 months. You can follow his exploits here. Ryan plays a vital role in keeping the store running (he’s half our staff), and it would be difficult to manage our current operating in his absence.
  • Analog Revolution’s other Co-Founder, Andrew Roach, is buying a house, getting married, and growing his Web Development business. He has had less than 10 days off since 2014, and it’s starting to show.
  • We’re buying a massive amount of new inventory, and need more space to house it all.
  • We really want a front door.
  • Andrew is a great web developer, and wants to put some of those skills to use for AR.


There are lots of other reasons, but those are the biggest ones. We’re restructuring the company, adding a few new product lines, and taking some time to focus on what’s important to us.

What do I get out of it?


Thank you so much for your support so far! We look forward to doing great things with you in the future.