Eli Pop – It’s All Around


The Dark Side
Ride This Wave
Distant Sun
Solid gold
Jelly Fish
It's All Around
Die In Hawaii
Step in to the Dream
Smash the Face

Shipping now! All copies come with digital download (320k mp3s) including two bonus tracks (fugitive and moon child) not found on the LP release.

Ellijay’s own Eli Pop is bringing a new sound to the psychedelic genre. influenced by mind expansion and ego death.

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Vinyl LP, CD, Cassette, Digital

Author: Andrew

The "brains" behind the operation. An absent minded, energetic, and often times overwhelming individual. He is in his early 20s. He discovered how amazing music could be in highschool, and has spent the last several years trying to absorb all of it. When he isn't writing about music, he is slinging code or playing vintage arcade games. Please don't ask him to dance. He doesn't like that.

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