New Clear Lawn Chairs – Voted Most Chill in Highschool


This is the One Where I Complain
This is the One Where I Complain Pt. 2
Forever Bummed
It's A Hard World for Hard Guys
Killin in the Mic

Shipping now! All copies come with digital download (320k mp3s) including two bonus tracks (fugitive and moon child) not found on the LP release.

Ellijay’s own Eli Pop is bringing a new sound to the psychedelic genre. influenced by mind expansion and ego death.




VOTED MOST CHILL IN HIGH SCHOOL  The New Clear Lawn Chairs (occasionally just New Clear Lawn Chairs) was the first album Analog Revolution released in 2015!  This Slop-Punk, Pop-Punk masterpiece has been reissued more times than any other release ever (well, any other Analog Revolution release).  It’s an all-time favorite, and it’s easy to see why.  The catchy tunes and searing vocals really make this a fun album to listen to!


This far-out splattered vinyl is pressed in Nashville, TN, and is filled with not only the greatest tunes on earth, but the coolest looks as well!

Sloppy Pop-Punk meets Poppy Slop-Punk in this mozzarella cheese stick of an album! These artists from the Metro-Atlanta scene were never contemporaries, yet they share an energy that is unmistakably similar.

Giant Robot Jetpack by Hurly Burly and the Volcanic Fallout is the reunion and re-recording of old bandmates from the early 2010s, filled with power chords, giant robots, nerdy references, and tons of fun.

Voted Most Chill in High School by The New Clear Lawn Chairs (occasionally just New Clear Lawn Chairs) is the shortest album we know, but one of our favorites. It’s four songs of high-energy, angst-filled, sloppy punk with catchy words the lead singer doesn’t even know.

Available on special-edition splattered vinyl, get your copy now!

Released February 13, 2023

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Vinyl LP, Cassette, Digital

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