Time Square Time Bomb – Nostalgia won’t keep me younger – Review

Times Square Timebomb – Nostalgia Won’t Keep Me Younger It had been months -or was it years? It felt like an eternity had passed since local music listeners first heard a few of the songs being played live from Times Square Timebomb’s latest release, “Nostalgia Won’t Keep Me Younger”. The group had released demos and […]

Dog Years – We Thought We Were So Cool

Every so often, the musicians of the Metro-Atlanta DIY scene seem to quit the band they are in, only to resurface in another a few months later. It’s the same group of people, in different pairings, playing various sub-genres that originate from punk; if you go back far enough. Due to the reputations of the […]

Hear the new Mastodon Track “High Road” Right Now!

Metal fans rejoice! Atlanta’s own Mastodon have returned with a brand new track, which can be streamed here. Titled “High Road”, the new song sounds like a natural progression from the band’s 2011 release, The Hunter, which saw Mastodon abandon its progressive metal roots in favor of a more rock-oriented approach. The track comes off […]

The search for Geeshie Wiley and Elvie Thomas

Like many geeks I watched Terry Zwigoff’s 1994 documentary on underground cartoonist and musician Robert Crumb with a mixture of fascination and revulsion. You might recognize Crumb’s illustrations from the album artwork for Big Brother and The Holding Company’s record, Cheap Thrills.While Crumb’s work is fascinating in its own right, the most effecting part of […]

Review: King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe’s “Sing More Songs Together”

If the digital age of music has proven anything, it’s that tradition now thrives on opposition. For every genre and subgenre, there seem to be artists that aim to turn the well known on its head and create something entirely new and exciting. Anti-folk artists King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe are two such innovators, both […]