Music You Should Know: 1994 – Good Morning My Friends

“Good Morning My Friends” by 1994 was one of the first local albums I was ever exposed to and the first album that the band came out with. The 8 track album, released in 2007, has the nostalgic feel of early 2000s pop-punk like Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and The Starting Line. Their sound is a blend of catchy vocal lines, upbeat tempos, and a touch of the emotional.


1994 played frequently in Marietta, where I discovered them, and throughout metro-Atlanta. If you want a taste of good local music from back then, this album is a good place to start. They have long since broken up but you can download the album for free on their bandcamp page.

Perfect for fans of: The Academy is…, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday

Favorite track:  So Close, Sincerely Yours

Author: Dan Wilson

Dan is a local music connoisseur, drummer, and singer songwriter. He spends most of his free time playing in his band Like Mike, playing solo as Honesty Again, frequenting shows at Swayze's Venue, and obsessing over any number of sci-fi movies, TV series, and games. He IS the crazy cat man. He works a day job as a bookkeeper at a local accounting firm which specializes in small business. He has a passion, not only for local music, but local business and community.

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