Michael Cera Palin – Rerelease of “The Loose Ends of Act 1” Vinyl Pre-Order!

Our Atlanta Emo friends are working with us to re-release their first two EPs on glorious splatter vinyl!

Michael Cera Palin – The Loose Ends of Act 1 – Vinyl Pre-Order

Michael Cera Palin and Analog Revolution go back years to when we were a record store inside of a crusty punk venue. They continue to constantly grow in their musicianship, and, as I type this, they’re in tour in Europe (I believe they’re playing Paris tonight). They’ve visited us a lot at the Ellijay Makerspace recently (even playing our grand opening which you can see here), and we decided to work together to make a run of this collection available again on vinyl.

It’s a splatter record, right? What color splatter?

It’s going to be a special mix we’re calling “Roller Skating Rink Carpet” on black.

Pre-order your copy here!

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