A 2023 Analog Revolution Retrospective

2023 was a big year for us at Analog Revolution! We worked with new artists, released so much music, and put on a so many shows. Let’s recap some of my favorite moments from the last year!

Warning. Links. So many links.

Hurly Burly and the Volcanic Fallout – Giant Robot Jetpack

Starting off strong, January 1st is when Hurly Burly and the Volcanic Fallout released Giant Robot Jetpack, and album years and years in the making. This was the first album recorded at the Ellijay Makerspace. This album was the first recordings of Hurly Burly in over 10 years, and these high school pals reunited to bring us some weird rock and roll! Hurly Burly played the very first Analog Revolution show to launch the Analog Revolution zine. Ryan of Hurly Burly would found Analog Revolution alongside Andrew, and Violet (it’s me!) from Hurly Burly would join them in 2022 to relaunch the label. And, of course, that brings us to:

The New Clear Lawn Chairs Back from the Dead to Rock Ellijay, Georgia Once Again

We bullied Jon into reuniting The New Clear Lawn Chairs! They played a phenomenal show with Hurly Burly and the Volcanic Fallout (also reunited) and Crosstalk. The New Clear Lawn Chairs were the first band to be released with Analog Revolution, and we keep releasing their music over and over again. This show was phenomenal, featuring the largest band we’ve ever had on stage, dubbed The New Clear Lawn Chairs National Orchestra. The show was very sentimental to us, and an absolute blast to watch. You can catch songs from Chairs set here on New Ellijay TV! And we can’t mention a show with the Chairs and Hurly Burly without mentioning…

Analog Revolution’s First Vinyl Release!!

Analog Revolution, formed as a record store, finally released vinyl in 2023! And who better to kick it off than the band that played the very first Analog show and the first band to be released on with Analog Revolution? This gorgeous volcanic orange and nuclear green splatter record is the culmination of so much work, and the drive to support artists anyway that we can. This was a massive step forward for us, and something we always dreamed of doing. Vinyl means a lot to us. Vinyl is how Analog started. And to have our first ever vinyl release in 2023 is absolutely massive, and something we’re incredibly proud of. It launched a new era in our label, and we’ll discuss further releases in this post!

Speaking of long-time dreams and goals…

We Relaunched CassettesFor.Me!!

Our monthly cassette, cd, or digital subscription service breathed new breath in 2023! Delivering fresh music to your mailbox and/or inbox is the name of the game. We’ve worked with artists such as Michael Cera Palin, Spirits Republic, Rat Babies, Hassleinone, and so many more! Check it out to catch exclusive content or limited editions!

Doctor Deathray – 51 Miles from Nowhere

Our second ever vinyl release, hot on the tails of out first, featured Doctor Deathray and her Implements of Destruction! This blistering album of lo-fi rock goodness was released on cassette, CD, and, of course, vinyl! We celebrated with a massive show, and had a blast for one and all. Filled with blues inspired riffs, folklore inspired songs, and moody attitude, this album quickly made an impact in our community.

Burden by Red Hot Empty

Burden by our friends in the politically driven band, Red Hot Empty, is hit after fiery hit. These four tracks are some of the heaviest we’ve heard from them, and one of our personal favorites, “Suffering,” features an articulate speech reciting statistics about homelessness in America over a heavy break-down culminating in the line, “As a country, our priorities are fucked.”

Borrowed Time/Bush by Connor Dylan

Borrowed Time/Bush comes bursting through your speakers like a hijacked TV broadcast, with equal parts righteous indignation and infectious grooves. And if it sounds like a threat, that’s because it is. Connor Dylan’s debut EP is the culminations of years worth of work on these songs. With smooth psychedelic tones and harsh political takes, Borrowed Time/Bush is thought provoking while still maintaining catchy hooks.

Rat Babies – Live from Ellijay

Rat Babies are our favorite sludgy, doomy friends! This Athens based duo brings heavy riffs with heavy thoughts, and this collection of songs they played live for us is as explosive as it is fun. Mux’s grinding bass tone shakes you to your core, and we’re pretty sure they ripped open a void to the abyss in the middle of the Gilmer Arts Playhouse. Check out our friends, Rat Babies. We’re super proud of this release.

Eli Pop – It’s All Around – Vinyl Release

60’s surfy-psychedelia at it’s finest! Long-time friend of Analog Revolution, Eli Pop, initially released a cassette of It’s All Around ten years ago. We’re happy to have brought this album back with new life as a glorious, splatter vinyl LP! Heavily inspired by 60’s garage rock, this album takes you on a journey of smooth tones with dark undertones. This marks the third vinyl release for us in just under a year! But, we’re not done yet!

Michael Cera Palin – The Loose Ends of Act 1 – Vinyl Pre-Order

We’re working with our friends, Michael Cera Palin, to re-release their first two EPs on glorious, splatter vinyl! What colors? I don’t know yet. The MCP folk haven’t gotten back to me on that yet. Cyberbully them about it. It’s oddly fitting that the first vinyl release of the year featured Jon Williams in The New Clear Lawn Chairs, and the last vinyl pre-order features Jon Williams on bass with MCP. The fine folks of Michael Cera Palin have been working with us at the Ellijay Makerspace to record new material, and we’re more than happy to release their original two EPs this spring! Pre-order your copy here!

That Wraps Us Up, For Now

There are so many more high points I could have written about. We had 10 releases through CassettesFor.Me, 3 vinyl releases with an additional pre-order, several issues of our zine, a whole slew of shows, and so, so much more. This article is lengthy, and not mentioning all of what we did. We’re so thankful for you and all of your support, and it’s looking like 2024 will grow from this!

Thank you

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